Woman Who Battled Severe Acne & Hyperpigmentation for Years Shares the Best Ingredients to Get Clear Skin

I grew up with severe acne for most of my teenage and adult life. Five different dermatologists had tried to treat my acne but they all fell short.

“With my skin worsening each year, I tried every over the counter product that I could get my hands on. These products did little to help my skin.”

Five years into my hole trying to find a solution, I had an eureka moment realizing that I was only accumulating products with no real knowledge of my skin or the ingredients that I was attempting to treat it with.

One by one I picked up the products I had purchased and researched every ingredient listed.

I was disgusted by the fillers, fragrance and other irritants hidden inside fancy containers that dominated the shelves of every cosmetic and drugstore.

I had committed to using “clean” products for a year, eliminating any chemical that could cause harm to my already damaged skin. While my skin responded positively, progress was very slow.

Natural ingredients are great but can take twice as long as products with active ingredients such as retinol and salicylic-acid.

Through this season, I learned not to be afraid of chemicals but rather to focus on the quality and proof behind every ingredient being placed in my skincare.

Watch my results and review

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“To my surprise, I had seen amazing progress after just a single set!”

When I came across Clearly Basics, I was intrigued as skincare companies rarely use USP certified ingredients¹. These standards are normally used for prescription drugs or if USP ingredients are used, they are only sold in dermatologist’s offices and clinics.

I was also worried that highly concentrated ingredients would make my skin sensitive as I’ve already used many of the ingredients in the past and they burned my skin.

These are the 3 main ingredients that has helped me to clear my acne and fade away the hyperpigmentation that has plagued me over the years:

1. Retinol

A derivative of Vitamin A², retinol was originally designed as an effective treatment against acne. However, skincare companies have raised the prices this ingredient so that it largely exists in high end anti-aging products.

Retinol accelerates the shedding of dead skin cells and fills out scars by stimulating the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

2. AZA

This ingredient³ is also not common in acne products but it is great because it reduces inflammation and targets the P. Acnes bacteria on your skin, helping to simultaneously reducing the appearance of existing red marks while also preventing future marks from surfacing.

A great deal of research⁴ has shown that AZA can significantly diminish the appearance of skin blemishes, help fade post-acne marks and other discolorations, refine skin’s surface, and reveal a more even skin tone. It can even reduce skin sensitivity and is compatible with any skin type.

3. Pracaxi Oil

Also rare to find in acne products, this tea tree oil⁵ is excellent at scar-repair and the reduction of redness. It works together with the two ingredients above to flatten existing marks and make your skin much less acne prone.

Since I have very sensitive skin, I first used the Protective Moisturizer for two weeks to help strengthen my skin and reduce sensitivity.

I then started to introduce the Clear Out slowly by applying only twice a week and then gradually stepping up to every evening application. Once I was able to use the Clear Out every evening, I saw a significant improvement texture and the hyperpigmentation went away.


How is Clearly Basics DIFFERENT from the other products (with the same ingredients) that I’ve used in the past?

I’ve come to realize that ingredients and formulation are equally important.

“A good base formulation is necessary to deliver the active ingredients to the correct layer of skin. And putting the right active ingredients in the right mix will enable the ingredients to drive better results with less side effects.”

In short, Clearly Basics’ products mix multiple active ingredients so they work in synergy.  When combined in the right mix/concentrations, you can see significantly better results WITHOUT requiring visits to the dermatologist for prescription medication.

I’ve been able to take medical-grade ingredients even though I have very sensitive skin and the results speak for themselves!

Kiana Wallace is a data entry specialist from New Jersey, USA. Her Instagram page @mysevereacneblog is dedicated to helping people obtain freedom from man made beauty standards as well as helping them heal mentally and physically from skin related turmoil. You can track her progress and the products that she has tried from her Instagram page. Use coupon code MYSAB for 10% off any item in the Clearly Basics eStore.

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“Oh hail the mighty Clear Out” One simple step that helps me maintain clear and #radiantskin, this is why I choose @clearlybasics . . Five months ago @clearlybasics sent me three of their products to try with no obligation to talk about it. (The Lighten up, the Protective moisturizer & the Clear-Out also known as the trio“ Now that Im on my second round of the trio I feel a bit guilty for not talking more about the #positive impact that these products have had on my skin. My favorite two products out of the trio is the Protective moisturizer and the Clear-out but if I could only choose one it would defiantly be the Clear-Out & here is why👇🏽 . . The clear out is designed to penetrate deep into your #pores to free them of clogs while preventing new ones. While clearing your #skin deep within it also renews and rejuvenates the outer layer improving your skins texture and #complexion. “Dull, blemished & uneven skin? Pair with the Lighten up & the Protective moisturizer for a significant boost in results” . The 30ML bottle last three months at an affordable price. “You can even use my code MYSABLOG for 10% off. BOOM! Now it’s even more affordable” . . It’s easy to add into your night time #skincareroutineroutine, one pea size amount on cleansed skin and you can turn out the lights . The Clear-Out formula is moisturizing & non-drying so following up with a moisturizer is totally up to you ! However, I do recommend paring it the protective moisturizer in the beginning since its formulated with #peptides that help to strengthen your skin while reducing sensitivity/redness that might occur during the purge (low level #breakouts needed to clear and renew the skin) . . Its gentle yet it packs a punch but not like benzoyl peroxide whom knocks the colors off your pillowcases. Honestly, I got tired of answering “Why does your pillow case look like that?” with “It’s because I cry a lot” This company offers a Money back Guarantee so you can try what helped me reach beyond my #clearskingoals. #acnehelp #severeacne

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@myacnepage So there’s been some progress with my scarring🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼.

These are Clearly Basics results for 1 month of using the lighten up, you can use CODE EMMA for 10% off at the checkout (only if u want)

@a_triple_shot_of_e Opening up about my acne struggle!

Most of my acne comes from wearing makeup all day & then going right into sports. Even though I would use facial wipes before I started sports, I still broke out! The more I would try to hide it, the worst I made it. I have tried everything… when @clearlybasics reached out I thought, why not try it && surprisingly IT WORKED!!! After a few weeks my skin was clear.

Now unfortunately since I have been out of it, my acne is coming back. I will always be honest with y’all & if something doesn’t work, I will let you know!!! #clearlybasics WORKS!

@acneisntugly Thank you @clearlybasics for being on this journey with me for the past 5 months.

No more green concealer or green primer! My skin tone is so much better, I don’t use as much foundation as I once did, I don’t constantly worry I look like I have chicken pox and I feel much more confident within my skin!

The power duo really has been an absolute game changer for my skin and I’m so glad I’ve shared my results day in and day out so we could all see this progression.

@pimpledgirl The 1st week was amazed! Fascinating skin texture, there were no stinging. The 2nd week were pretty same. The 3rd week – purging starred – bumpy skin, redness. The 4th week – same but I added #ProtectiveMoisturiser either from @clearlybasics and in three days redness was reduced. The 5-6th weeks – skin smoother, less red, breaking out badly. The 7-8th week – is it my skin? not red (even after washing as it used to be).

I’d say the amount of pustules has been reduced in 85%. I still have some tiny-tiny pimples and will keep going with mu treatment. • Honestly I’m very grateful to Clearly Basics • I’ll keep you updated.

@mysevereacneblog I’ve been using @clearlybasics for over 4 months but here’s a difference from June 3rd and August 2nd!

The ingredients in @clearlybasics Clear Out is AMAZING for hyperpigmentation.

A complete GAME CHANGER!

@xx.tonilumsden This is me 5 weeks into my skincare journey with @clearlybasics.

5 weeks ago, 5 months ago, and even 5 years ago, I had lost all hope for my skin and appearance. Now I have regained that hope and positivity because I know that I am using amazing skincare products by @clearlybasics that actually do work without being harsh on my skin.

Just because you feel like nothing is working doesn’t mean you should give up on hope.