How to Get Rid of Acne and Pimples

Acne is the most prevalent skin condition in the world and affects over 650 million people every year. It is an age-old problem and the tools to clear blackheads, whiteheads and clogged pores are well established.

So, why do many continue to suffer from breakouts when products are readily available to stop it?

Most are using the wrong products or using the right products improperly. People are too focused on treating a breakout after it has already surfaced when the focus should be on stopping lesions from coming at all.

So, What Causes Acne?

There are many indirect factors¹ that contribute to the formation of a pimple. However, at the ROOT of all breakouts is a clogged pore.


Pimples form when the oil and dead skin cells on your skin combine to form a clog that blocks the pores.

If these small clogs are not flushed out of your pore, they will eventually cause a full block and force sebum to pool. P.acnes bacteria grows quickly in these pools forcing the body to send blood into the area to fight infection.

Fortunately, clogs can be prevented if we use a leave-on lotion to perpetually flush out dead skin so that it does not accumulate inside the pore.

(We'll come to that in a moment.)

Can the Right Diet Get Rid of Acne?

Nutrition and diet affect overall health, but does diet directly affect acne?


Although, some studies try to link acne with sugary and starchy foods, the relationship between acne and diet² is still NOT well-established.

While most people are well-intentioned when they tell others to cut out a certain type of food or drink lots of water in the hopes of reducing breakouts, be wary of MISINFORMATION and stick to methods that are well-researched and well-established in stopping acne.

Current Solutions & Their Shortcomings

There is a common MISCONCEPTION that washing, scrubbing or sloughing off dead skin cells from the surface of the skin will stop acne. This is a half truth.

To address the root trigger for acne, you need to flush out the dead skin cells trapped INSIDE the pore.

In order to penetrate into the pore, an ingredient needs to STAY on your skin for several HOURS before being washed off.


As such, scrubs, masks, facials and peels can do little to stop acne since they are NOT left on the skin long enough³ to make a difference. If you are looking to stop breakouts, don't waste your money on these products.

As mentioned earlier, majority of the products on the acne market focus on treating the pimple after it has already surfaced.

(This includes pimple patches, spot applications, and masks which do little to prevent a pimple from surfacing.)

These post-acne products are generally INEFFECTIVE as there is little that one can do to stop a pimple once it has surfaced since the body needs to send blood into the area in order to fight off bacterial infection.

The key is to PREVENT pimples from surfacing rather than trying to hide or calm down a pimple after it has already surfaced.

Here’s a smarter approach to clearing clogs and making your skin less acne prone:

1. Retinol - The Gold-Standard in Clearing Acne

Topical retinoids are the primary tools which dermatologists use to treat breakouts⁴. A derivative of vitamin A, retinoids are well researched to promote skin renewal, reduce blemishes and boost your skin's collagen production.

Prescription medication from a dermatologist can be very hard on your liver and irritating to your skin. However, retinol is much more GENTLE⁵ and you can purchase it OTC.

To further reduce the possibility of irritation, pair retinol with other ingredients that balance the pH and amplify the results thereby causing LESS irritation and more targeted results.

2. AZA - Why So Many People Swear By It to Combat Acne and Redness

It’s a mystery why some great skincare ingredients fly under the radar, despite research proving them more than worthy of your attention. AZA is one of those ingredients!

A great deal of research has shown that AZA can significantly diminish the appearance of skin blemishes, help fade post-acne marks and other discolorations, refine skin’s surface, and reveal a more even skin tone.

Introducing the Clear Out

Introducing the Clear Out, a leave-in lotion designed to deliver retinol + AZA into the pore to flush out dead skin cells trapped inside. It also uses AZA + pracaxi oil in order to quickly flatten existing pimples and reduce the appearance of red marks (a formulation you can't find anywhere else on the market).

Because the Clear Out uses multiple active ingredients, we are able to make it far more GENTLE and EFFECTIVE than similar products out on the market.

(You can see the significant improvement many of our users have experienced by scrolling down in this article or by visiting the tagged section of the Clearly Basics Instagram page.)


Shouldn't I Visit a Dermatologist Immediately?


Prescription medications require doctor's oversight as there are NEGATIVE side effects to these drugs (that shouldn't be taken lightly):

  • Overuse of antibiotics can cause bacterial resistance,
  • Oral medication is hard on your skin, on your liver and causes birth defects,
  • Hormone control therapy can negatively affect the body in many ways.

We recommend users to try the Clear Out before going to see a dermatologist as 85% of the cases that are normally seen by our ClearlyRx platform can be addressed using non-prescription solutions instead.

Why Is the Clear Out Different?

Most products in the market contain only a SINGLE active ingredient so it does not use multiple pathways to address your skin concern.

Using multiple ingredients simultaneously could be more EFFECTIVE, but getting the percentages correct in order to maximize synergy and stability is near IMPOSSIBLE without precision machinery.

Every ingredient in the Clear Out took years to balance in order to maximize synergy: ingredients work together to address your skin concerns with better results and less side effects.

The formulation is gentle and works for those with sensitive skin. Yet effective enough to tackle many cases that otherwise would require prescription medication.

Will the Clear Out Work for Me?

The Clear Out is so EFFECTIVE at clearing clogs that we place a full 90-day Money Back Guarantee if you do not see a noticeable improvement after finishing off the entire bottle. T&Cs apply.


This guarantee has been placed on every bottle of the Clear Out and we have a 98% success rate.

What Makes Clearly Basics Different?

Every formulation in the Clearly Basics lineup uses ingredients that are USP certified (highest quality). Although these ingredients are more expensive, the certification ensures a standard of purity and potency that cosmetic grade ingredients do not provide. The most frequent comment we get in our reviews is that users have tried everything and nothing has come close to the results they have seen with the Power Duo.

Products with USP certified ingredients are often EXCLUSIVELY sold in a dermatologist’s office at 3x the price. However we've made it available and more affordable to benefit everyday consumers.

We invest years of research into our formulations. Each base is tailored for the active ingredients in the formulation; to maintain the integrity of and deliver actives ingredients to the right layer of skin.

The active ingredients present in our products are well-established with pharma and medical research.

(If you want to learn more about the ingredients, please check them under the ingredients' tab.)

Now Show Me the Results!

We've covered a lot on the science. Now, here are the stories of 6 women who went from acne to clear skin with the help of Clearly Basics.

These are REAL RESULTS from REAL USERS along with their social media handles. You are free to contact any of these women who have been very open about their struggle.

Mim, a teacher from Southampton, had suffered from hormonal cystic acne on combination skin for the past 6 years.

She spent thousands on products which claimed to be effective at stopping acne. When these masks, scrubs and cleansers failed to meet their claims, the fallback excuse would be due to “hormonal acne”, which can’t be controlled.

Mim starting taking contraceptives in an effort to regulate her hormones and she also took antibiotics, and prescription topical lotions but they did not have a lasting effect in slowing down the breakouts.

She started using the Clear Out (originally designed to clear clogs on acne-prone skin) and noticed a difference almost immediately. Within a month, most of her actives were gone and she was only left with post-acne marks which covered her cheeks.

From the second month, the Lighten Up, started to make a significant difference in fading the appearance of her post-acne red marks and by the third month she had clear skin. For the first time in years, Mim has gone months without using green concealer and can go to work without makeup.

Mim logs her acne journey on Instagram @acneisntugly. Read more about her story here.

View this post on Instagram

Skin still going strong 💪 Used the @clearlybasics cleanser, toner, clear out and protective moisturiser last night. This morning is all about the cleanser and matte hydrator 🥰 (I actually don't need to use the lighten up every single day now as my hyperpigmentation is gone!). Remember you can get 10% off with the code 'acneisntugly' 💷 (remember it has the money back guarantee if you need that little safety net). If you're worried at all or skeptical please see my journey on my account! I've used nothing but clearly basics for 7 months. No doctors, dermatologists, medication, diets or lifestyle changes. I'm as sharing my journey with trialling this product for those of us that can't go on roacutane and have hit rock bottom. I thought all my acne treatment routes were exhausted and had no other options as I'd tried it all. I began to accept my acne and accept that was how my skin would look. I'm not claiming clearly will clear your skin forever and 'cure' you. We can't cure acne. What I can tell you is, it's reduced my hyperpigmentation and redness completely and I haven't had a cyst in over 5 months. My breakouts have reduced significantly and they don't last as long on my face. My whole experience with acne has drastically changed. It's gone from severe to mild in under a year just from consistently using high quality ingredients. #skin #skincare #acne #healthyskin #happyskin #clearlybasics

A post shared by SKIN WITH MIM (@acneisntugly) on


Individual results may vary

Toni, a stylist from Hertfordshire, has suffered from cystic acne for most of her life.

She had been to the doctors many times and was given creams and tablets which were harsh and burnt a layer off her skin. Instead, she put her trust in high street cosmetic brands but she never saw the progress she had hoped for (or paid for).

Desperate to find a solution, she turned to aestheticians who offered cutting edge treatments that promised the world: dermarollers, vampire facials, microdermabrasion… you name it and she has probably tried it. In total she had spent close to £5,000 in treatments that showed marginal results but her acne kept coming back.

When she stumbled onto Clearly Basics, she thought they were no different than the other brands. However, she was surprised to find how knowledgeable and responsive Clearly Basics is over chat. She was recommended the Complete Trio (Clear Out + Lighten Up + Protective Moisturizer) and decided to give it a try. Toni saw significant improvement in using the Trio and almost all her acne has cleared within the first set. She is only left with post-acne scarring.

Toni's personal Instagram is @xx.tonilumsden. Read more about her story here.


Individual results may vary

Kiana, a data entry specialist from New Jersey, grew up with acne and hyperpigmentation on sensitive skin for most of her teenage and adult life.

Five different dermatologists had tried to treat her acne but they all fell short. She had committed to using “clean” products for a year, eliminating any chemical that could cause harm to her already damaged skin. While her skin responded positively to the natural ingredients, progress was very slow.

When she came across Clearly Basics, she was intrigued as skincare companies rarely use USP certified ingredients (highest quality).

Since she has very sensitive skin, Kiana first used the Clearly Basics' Protective Moisturizer for two weeks to help strengthen her skin and reduce sensitivity. Then she started to introduce the Clear Out slowly by applying every alternate evening. Within three months, she saw significant improvement in texture and the hyperpigmentation went away.

Kiana logs her acne journey on Instagram @mysevereacneblog. She talks about the importance of the 3 ingredients here.

Watch her IG story, skincare routine here.


Individual results may vary

Bea, a student from California, suffered from cystic acne on oily skin. She had used prescription medication, chemical peels and a long list of cosmetic brands (Clean & Clear, Clearasil, Proactiv, St. Ives, etc.) in an effort to stop her breakouts but most of these products irritated her skin, resulting in even more breakouts.

Without insurance to cover visits to a dermatologist, Bea spent a lot of time following dermatologists on social media and found that gentler ingredients were more effective for her skin.

When the #acnecommunity started talking about Clearly Basics, Bea was intrigued that there was a product specifically targeted at red acne marks. Within the first Power Duo (Clear Out + Lighten Up) set, Bea had significantly reduced her new breakouts and any breakout that surfaced went away in days rather than weeks. Furthermore, the red scars on her face had virtually disappeared over the course of a month.

Bea logs her acne journey on Instagram @beas.bareskin.


Individual results may vary

Deanna, from Essex, had enjoyed clear skin throughout her teenage years but started to get adult-onset acne through her 20's. She tried every cosmetic, diet, and lifestyle change imaginable but could NEVER find anything that kept the spots away.

Over the summer, she was introduced the Power Duo (Clear Out + Lighten Up) into her routine and she noticed results within weeks:

"The texture of my skin is smoother, the redness is non-existent and scars are fading faster than ever (even quicker than using aloe vera). I rarely get new spots in my problematic areas and find my skin improving the more I use Clearly Basics" - Deanna

Regardless if she gets the occasional pimple, Deanna is now happy to leave the house with no makeup and her confidence has skyrocketed.

Deanna logs her acne journey on Instagram @deannaskin.



Individual results may vary

Alisha, from Berkshire, developed severe acne when she was 15-years-old.

In her desperation to stop the pimples, she has tried every imaginable wash, soap, scrub, peel, mask, and lotion. Her bathroom cabinets were a graveyard of high end and on-trend products claiming to give her 'perfect skin'. Unfortunately, most of them only made her breakouts worsen.

Alisha then went through 3 rounds of prescription oral medication but her acne would always come back. She talks about the negative side effects from it and it should not be taken lightly.

"A lot of people always asking me what I do to maintain my skin after prescription oral medication. All I can say is ‘Clear Out’ by @clearlybasics is a Godsend ❤️ I started using Clear Out after finishing my course and it has helped keep acne at bay. It doesn’t leave me overly dry or flakey which most retinol creams did. I wish I had used the Clear Out before going on prescription oral medication." - Alisha.

The Clear Out formulation has been very effective at keeping her clog free so that she can work on scar repair. Alisha logs her acne journey on Instagram @skinwithalisha. Read more about her story here.


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This article is intended to provide insights on how to identify effective acne products and is a personal opinion. Nothing on this article should be interpreted as personal medical advice. For medical related matters, please consult with your dermatologist.

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I am so happy that I stumbled upon clearly basics on instagram. I was skeptical at first but decided to give it a try and bought clear out clarifying lotion. It's been 2 months and my skin has improved a lot. I can see significant reduction in pores and acne.

Skin Type: Combination

After years of medication and products, I decided to try clearly basics. In just 6 weeks my skin has calmed and I am now able to treat scarring.

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Finding products that helped to control my acne without irritating my sensitive skin has always been a huge challenge. The clearly basics products have been my saviour, I can't recommend them enough ☺️

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I’m in my 50’s and always had hormonal flare ups with larger pores as I age - this is a game changer and have just reordered my 3rd bottle !


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This is the stuff.

So, long time sufferer of acne. Started when I was 12 and I'm 28 now still battling it. I've tried all kinds of different things to try and get it under control and besides birth control, nothing has helped long term. I never want to take birth control ever again and I just happened upon this brand and decided well, why not try? To my amazement, it has helped more than anything else I've tried, I'd say it has improved my skin to the level it was at when I took BC. Of course I still get pimples every now and then, and tiny flare ups during PMS but my skin is nowhere near as bad as it used to be. I highly recommend this company. To those who are considering trying this out, be aware that during the first week or so your skin will go through a purge and your acne will appear to get worse at first. Stick with it! Once that phase is over is when your skin will begin improving. I do need to use it every night for it to be fully effective, but even when I do forget, the pimples don't get too out of control. I just can't say enough good things about this product. It has helped my confidence improve immensely and I definitely recommend trying it to those who have skin as finicky as mine.

Skin Type: Sensitive / Dry
The only moisturiser I trust

I am super sensitive and this is the only moisturiser that I trust honestly incredible.

Skin Type: Combination

I use this product and with the clear out and it has really helped my hormonal acne.

Skin Type: Sensitive / Dry
Here one day, gone the next!

After success with Clearly Basics for my acne scars, I stocked up with all of the active acne products to prepare myself for how angry my acne would get when going off hormonal birth control. I have tried and failed twice as my acne comes back so bad that I just start taking it again. This time I have been using clearly basics without fail every day (lighten up and clear out). I have had 3 pimples start to form and I use ‘Stop Spot’ and the next day instead of a much redder, much angrier pimple with a big white head - the pimple is gone! I have been very happy with this product. I’m one month down (typically when acne gets the worst) - let’s do this!

I love that these products are gentle on my daughter skin.

This skin care routine is the o lay one that has helped clear up my daughters skin.

My daughters skin is really starting to look better!

Skin Type: Oily
So far so good

Bought this for my daughter that has struggled with acne for years. She has seen improvement and less frequent breakouts.

Best moisturizer I have found!

Lighten Up Redness Rescue Cream
Veronica Ilenya Ranieri
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Has changed my skin from acne pro to almost perfect 😍😍

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Obsessed !!

Obsessed with this cleanser!! It left me feeling fresh and prevented break outs. It is incredible . Loved this product so much

My skin feels so soft after using this moisturiser!

My skin feels so soft after using this moisturiser!

Skin Type: Combination
Fresh and clean!

My face is filled with energy and feels so fresh and clean!

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excellent item!

have been using this for years! so good for my skin :)

So Fresh pH Balancing Cleanser
Carmelinda Di Manno
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Fresh Feeling

My skin feels so clean and still hydrated when I use this cleanser. It’s balancing and refreshing. My skin has responded really well to it and at times my skin can be sensitive. I highly recommend this product to anyone with relatively oily t-zone area

Skin Type: Combination
Very happy!

Love the texture, the minty scent and the lather.
I wish the bottles were a bit bigger HOWEVER they are just small enough to fly with.

Skin Type: Normal
Comments: The only thing I now need to use to keep my skin clear.
The holy grail for clearing hormonal acne.

This is the only product that I have needed to keep my skin clear since discovering it about 2 years ago, after suddenly developing cystic hormonal acne at the age of 25. I now only need to use it every second night, so it's incredibly affordable. It has also never irritated my sensitive skin and it has faded previous acne marks to truly clear my skin. After years of trying expensive supplements/products/harsh prescription creams, Clear Out was the only thing that gave me long-lasting results.

Skin Type: Oily
Clearly Basics is the only product that has helped my Adult Acne

I have always struggled with dehydrated acne prone skin. Every month like clockwork I would get a new breakout on my chin or cheek area. These included large cystic acne that by the time they came to a head would take me months to clear. With new breakouts each month this created more & more spots before the first could heal leaving more hyper pigmentation spots that never have time to clear. Clearly basics changed all that for me. It gave my skin a chance to heal and reduced the number of breakouts each month. When I do get a new breakout it resolves itself quickly with less scarring and redness. Now that the acne is under control the products are helping to eliminate the remaining hyper pigmentation spots left from years of acne. I have not been using the product for long but I will continuing relying on this product and look forward to the day I can happily look in the mirror at a smooth clear & even complexion some day soon.

Skin Type: Combination
Comments: Product consistency in terms of smoothness/coarseness/stickiness/ is sometimes a miss, don't believe it affects the result provided.
Great Combo

Have seen great improvements by using these 2 items concurrently, hard to fault and wil continue purchasing.

Individual results may vary

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