How to Identify and Treat Hormonal Acne Without the Use of Birth Control Pills?

Hormonal acne is caused by an imbalance in the body's hormones, specifically an increase in androgens such as testosterone. This can lead to an overproduction of oil in the skin, clogging of pores, and inflammation.

To identify hormonal acne, look for signs such as deep, cystic pimples that are concentrated in the jawline and chin area. These pimples are often painful and can take longer to heal than typical acne.

To treat hormonal acne, start by making changes to your skincare routine. This includes using a gentle cleanser, exfoliating regularly to remove dead skin cells, and applying a light moisturizer. It is also important to use products that contain salicylic acid, as this ingredient can help to unclog pores and reduce inflammation. Clear Out Extra Strength Clarifying Lotion contains 2% acne-fighting salicylic acid that helps to exfoliate the skin and break down sebum, with pore-purging power to finish off remaining clogs.

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In case you also suffer with oily and dehydrated skin, the SH + Matte Hydrating Serum absorbs fully into skin while its oil-free formula improves skin tone and texture, hydrating beyond the surface from deep within.

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In addition to changes in skincare, dietary changes can also play a role in treating hormonal acne. This includes limiting your intake of processed foods, sugar and dairy, as these foods can exacerbate inflammation in the body. Instead, focus on eating a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats.

Another important aspect of treating hormonal acne is managing stress. Stress can trigger the release of hormones that can lead to acne, so finding ways to relax and reduce stress can be beneficial. This can include activities such as yoga, meditation, and exercise.

In summary, identifying and treating hormonal acne without the use of birth control pills involves making changes to your skincare routine, diet and stress management. It's important to note that it may take some time to see improvements, so consistency and patience are key.

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