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Did you know the solution to overly oily skin is to keep it happily hydrated? With 100% medical-grade, ultra-low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid, Matte Hydrator absorbs fully into skin and draws moisture deep within where it matters most.

Matte Hydrator is for you if:

  • You have oily or dehydrated skin (Sometimes, your skin can be both!)
  • You want to go longer without the oily sheen. This oil-free serum improves skin tone and texture
  • You want to go beyond the surface and hydrate skin from deep within

Each bottle is designed to last 3 months with daily application.

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Quench thirsty skin and reduce oiliness with this fast-absorbing hyaluronic acid serum. With deeply penetrating HA, it delivers long-lasting hydration for smooth, supple skin.

Hydrates, fortifies, and locks in moisture 

Strengthens and replenishes skin

Lightweight & oil-free for daily use 

Plump Your Skin & Reduce Unwanted Shine

This advanced formula hydrates from all levels to give pillowy soft, plump skin. As it floods your skin with moisture and locks it all in, it leaves you with fortified, firm, and nourished skin for a youthful, radiant complexion. The serum is also suitable for those with oily skin as it keeps skin happily hydrated, helping reduce oil levels. 


noticed more firm and hydrated skin after use


experienced less daily oil sheen

Your Hydration Hero

SH+ Hyaluronate

Penetrates deep to calm & replenish your skin barrier

SH+ Hyaluronate

Penetrates deep to calm & replenish your skin barrier

Lightweight Formula, Instant Absorption

With 100% clinical-grade, micronized hyaluronic acid, this oil-free serum penetrates quickly and deeply into skin without leaving any sticky, greasy residue. 

Suggested Routine

AM: Morning Routine

PM: Night Routine

Skincare That Works. Just Ask the Internet.

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