How I Discovered This Breakthrough 3-in-1 Kit That Keeps My Face Clear And Acne-Free



NOVEMBER 20, 2021

“I never thought something so simple would be such a game-changer…”

I have to say – and honestly, it’s embarrassing to admit ….

Until recently, I have been forking over a lot of money on acne treatments that would work for a couple weeks … until my period came and hormonal acne reared its ugly head.

During bad weeks, I would use high coverage foundation.

Liquid foundation clogs my pores and makes my acne worse, but sometimes I don’t have a choice.

Yet even with high end makeup, I can’t hide the texture..

Now, I’ve tried virtually every acne product on the market, and let me tell you … there is a lot of junk out there that will simply leave you disappointed.

Most acne treatments use benzyl peroxide which dries zits that have already surfaced. However, benzyl peroxide does nothing to stop the clogs which cause acne.

Benzyl peroxide is also very irritating and stains your clothes.

The other half of acne treatments use salicylic acid. While this acid is effective in breaking up clogs, the 2% salicylic acid which most brands offer is simply not concentrated enough to stop acne.

If you didn’t see results with these ingredients in the past, it is time to try something new.

Everything changed when I discovered this medical-grade skincare line

I found Clearly Basics via social media and their products are very effective yet gentle on my skin.

All I need to do is apply Clear Out lotion on my face, once every evening.

And in the morning, I would use Stop Spot to flatten emerging breakouts.

Once the breakouts are gone, I use Lighten Up to clean up any residual red marks left behind.

This routine is so simple and it works. Use one lotion at night and two spot treatments as and when I need it.

The set lasted me 90 days and by the end of my first set, I saw a significant reduction in acne and less scars.

I have saved so much money on foundation and concealer that I no longer need!

It’s called All Clear Acne Kit

Three products that do exactly as their names describe:

Clear Out flushes out the clogs trapped inside my pores. Without the clog, acne does not form.

When I feel a pimple emerging (even if it hasn’t yet surfaced), I use Stop Spot to stop the pimple from growing. It is important to stop the inflammation as soon as possible to prevent tissue damage and scarring.

Lighten Up fades the appearance of post-acne red marks. It restores skin back to its original tone and texture.

What makes All Clear Acne Kit so effective?

The heavy hitter is Clear Out. It combines two of dermatologist’s most used tools into a single, gentle lotion.

Clear Out contains 2% medical grade retinol. This class of ingredients are dermatologist’s first choice for treating most types of acne.

Clear Out also contains 8% medical grade AZA. This is the second choice which dermatologists use to treat many types of acne.

It is 4 times more concentrated than the salicylic acid which comes in most acne treatments.

The combination of these two ingredients into a single lotion flushes out even the most stubborn clogs.

Where Can You Buy All Clear Acne Kit?

So if you want to keep your skin clear and scar free, take advantage of the limited time offer on All Clear Acne Kit.

It may be the best decision you make this year …

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Mim is a primary school teacher from Southampton, England. Her Instagram page @mimandskin is dedicated to help those with acne.

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Not All Acne Treatments Are Made Equal

Many use acne treatments that are too strong. Or they use too many acne treatments at one time.

This weakens your skin, leading to more pimples.

Clearly Basics lineup is gentle because it combines medical grade actives + gentle botanicals. This means that you get very effective lotions to stop acne without weakening your skin.

Each lotion in the Clearly Basics lineup was carefully planned to work together. So you have the complete war chest of tools to stop acne and fade acne scars.

Thousands of 5-Star Reviews and an overall 4.9-Star Rating on Google

"The result is amazing after just one month"

My son has serious acne problem and the acne comes back when he stopped taking the anti- biotics. After trying Clearly Basics products, the acne starts to dry up. The result is amazing after one month. Now, trying to apply the product to lighten up the marks. - Keiwing W.

"Magic in a bottle"

Clearly Basics helped maintain my skin after oral prescription and honestly, their products have helped so many. I get many DM's thanking me for recommending Clearly Basics and how it's helped them. If I knew about Clearly prior to my course of oral prescription, I would have definitely gone with using Clear Out first! - Alisha

"My skin NEVER looked or felt better"

I have been using Power Duo consistently for 3 months now and my skin has NEVER looked or felt better! I haven't experienced a breakout since March and more than 80% of my hyperpigmentation is GONE! I am so grateful to have finally found a product that actually works for my skin. - Brittany

"It's been a godsend"

I’ve had really great success with Clear Out, and actually have tracked my progress from a year ago to now! The difference is pretty darn amazing. Nothing else worked for my cystic acne, and I’ve been on oral prescription 3 times! This product has been so amazing for me after suffering with cystic acne for 20 years. It's been a godsend! -Care

Individuals results may very

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Power Duo for me? 

Power Duo is for anyone who wants the acne to just, go away. With medical-grade ingredients that are more effective than their cosmetic-grade counterparts, the two products help you achieve clearer and healthier skin that's here to stay. 

2. How do I use Power Duo?  

After cleansing and applying toner (if using), apply Lighten Up on any red marks. Use it with your morning and night routines. At night only, apply Clear Out (after Lighten Up) over the entire face. Follow with your moisturizer.

Start with applying Clear Out on alternate nights. If no lasting irritation occurs after a week, step up to nightly application. In the day, remember to use a non-comedogenic sunscreen with SPF30+. 

3. Can I use Power Duo with my other skincare products? 

Because Clear Out has multiple medical-grade actives that work together to address multiple skin concerns, we recommend simplifying your routine and putting other acne treatments aside. In particular, discontinue the use of products which contain AHAs or BHAs until your skin has adjusted to the Power Duo.  

4. Can I use Power Duo if I have sensitive skin?  

Yes! Both Clear Out and Lighten Up are designed to be gentle and kind to sensitive skin. If you are concerned about irritation, apply Clear Out only once every three nights for the first week. As your skin adjusts to its strength, you can move on to applying it every other night and eventually, every night.  

5. Will Clear Out make me purge? 

As the name suggests, Clear Out works by flushing out clogs and forcing impurities to the surface. Clear Out does not cause clogs but it is only flushing out what was already trapped inside. Be patient and let Clear Out do its job. It is important to get these clogs out and allow your skin to turn over a new, healthier layer. By the end of your first bottle (around 3 months), you should see clearer skin! 

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