Here’s How 10 Women Around the World Got Rid of Their Acne

Acne, the 8th most prevalent skin condition in the world, affects over 650 million people worldwide. Anyone who’s suffered from acne knows how painful or stressful it can be. Due to lack of education and lack of effective products, acne is often left untreated, leading to atrophic scarring which is much harder to fix later in life.

There are many factors which cause acne making it difficult to isolate a source and expensive to treat. Fortunately, clear skin is attainable WITHOUT spending a FORTUNE according to these women.

Here are their stories.

Note: Their profiles on Instagram are linked so you can view their journey and DM them for questions.


Mim, a teacher from Southampton, had suffered from hormonal acne on combination skin for the past 6 years.

She spent thousands on products which claimed to be effective at stopping acne. When these masks, scrubs and cleansers failed to meet their claims, the fallback excuse would be due to “hormonal acne”, which can’t be controlled.

Mim starting taking contraceptives in an effort to regulate her hormones and she also took antibiotics like Oxytetracilin, and retinoids like Differin but they did not have a lasting effect in slowing down the breakouts.

She started using the Clear Out (originally designed to clear clogs on acne-prone skin) and noticed a difference almost immediately. Within a month, most of her actives were gone and she was only left with post-acne marks which covered her cheeks.

From the second month, the Lighten Up, started to make a significant difference in fading the appearance of her post-acne red marks and by the third month she had clear skin. For the first time in years, Mim has gone months without using green concealer and can go to work without makeup.

Mim has been exclusively using Clearly Basics and has been breakout free for 8 months. She logs her acne journey on Instagram @acneisntugly. Read more about her story here.

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ROUTINE UPDATE AM (top) PM (bottom) *The @clearlybasics toner is missing in the evening section as I’ve run out so can’t take a picture!* Please note I only use the @thebodyshop seaweed pore cleanser once a week and the @clearlybasics cleanser the rest of the time. I’ve also added my primer to my routine as it was a 🔥 question in my inbox. I also use @rejuviss 5-in-1 dermarolling kit every weekend to tackle my indented scars (I’ve used this for a couple of months now! I reviewed this against Banish too if you want to scroll through and find it). Use code MIM10 for 10% off! Don’t forget you can get 10% off @clearlybasics with the code ‘acneisntugly’. Out of everything I’ve tried over the 6 years I’ve battled acne on and off its by far stood out the most of being the most effective with no side effects (after the initial ‘purge’). I’ve used nothing but clearly (and I truly mean NOTHING! I was never on roacutane as people assume, I can’t go on it! And I’ve not been on any diets, medications or had any perscriptions) for 8 months now and it still exceeds my expectations! #skincare #skincareroutine #skinproducts #acneproducts #acnemanagement

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Toni, a stylist from Hertfordshire, has suffered from cystic acne for most of her life.

She had been to the doctors many times and was given creams and tablets which were harsh and burnt a layer off her skin. Instead, she put her trust in high street cosmetic brands but she never saw the progress she had hoped for (or paid for).

Desperate to find a solution, she turned to aestheticians who offered cutting edge treatments that promised the world: dermarollers, vampire facials, microdermabrasion… you name it and she has probably tried it. In total she had spent close to £5,000 in treatments that showed marginal results but her acne kept coming back.

When she stumbled onto Clearly Basics, she thought they were no different than the other brands. However, she was surprised to find how knowledgeable and responsive Clearly Basics is over chat. She was recommended the Complete Trio and decided to give it a try. Toni saw significant improvement in using the Trio for 2 months and almost all her acne has cleared within the first set. She is only left with post-acne scarring.

Toni has been exclusively using Clearly Basics. Toni’s personal Instagram is @xx.tonilumsden. Read more about her story here.

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Never in my life did i imagine my skin would be this clear! @clearlybasics has completely transformed my skin! Having a strict skincare routine, and a good skincare brand is key to clearing your skin and having a healthy glow! My routine is as followed: (Morning☀️) step 1- wash face with the @clearlybasics cleanser to gently cleanse my skin🧖‍♀️ Step 2- tone my skin with the @clearlybasics toner to tighten my pores and prep skin for the next product🧖‍♀️ Step 3- apply @clearlybasics lighten up to reduce redness and fade scarring/post acne marks/pigmentation🤗 Step 4- apply @clearlybasics matte hydrator to moisturise my skin whilst keeping me shine free and matte all day long🥰 (Evening🌛) step 1- wash face with @clearlybasics cleanser🧖‍♀️ Step 2- tone skin with @clearlybasics toner🧖‍♀️ Step 3- apply @clearlybasics lighten up🤗 Step 4- apply @clearlybasics clear out in order to unclog my pores, flatten and clear any active acne i might have at the time🥰 Step 5- apply @clearlybasics protective moisturiser to protect and moisturize my skin❤ I aso use the @thebodyshop tea tree skin clearing clay mask 1-2 times a week as i really love how it makes my skin feel fresh after using!💫 Use code CLEARSKINEVERYDAY to recieve 10% off your @clearlybasics order online!!!❤link in bio❤💫 #clearlybasics #clearskin #skincare #skinpositivity #acnecommunity

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Kiana, a data entry specialist from North Jersey, grew up with acne and hyperpigmentation on sensitive skin for most of her teenage and adult life.

Five different dermatologists had tried to treat her acne but they all fell short. She had committed to using “clean” products for a year, eliminating any chemical that could cause harm to her already damaged skin. While her skin responded positively to the natural ingredients, progress was very slow.

When she came across Clearly Basics, she was intrigued as skincare companies rarely use medical grade ingredients (USP certified).

Since she has very sensitive skin, Kiana first used the Clearly Basics’ Protective Moisturizer for two weeks to help strengthen her skin and reduce sensitivity. Then she started to introduce the Clear Out slowly by applying every alternate evening. Within three months, she saw significant improvement in texture and the hyperpigmentation went away.

Kiana is currently on month-6 with Clearly Basics. She logs her acne journey on Instagram @mysevereacneblog. Read more about her story here.


Sarah, a nurse from Victoria, had struggled with cystic acne on oily skin for over 6 years.

She is fully aware of the potential negative side effects of using Accutane to control her acne (birth defects, joint pain, eye infections, difficulty moving, blurred vision, mental depression, etc). Yet she contemplated using this medication as a last resort to stop the breakouts from coming.

Sarah came across Clearly Basics over Facebook and ordered the Complete Trio. In just two months into her first set, she saw significant progress. The Clear Out quickly flattened her existing cysts and the Lighten Up helped to fade the appearance of her red acne scars.

She is excited with her progress using the Trio set as she is well on her way to clear skin with Clearly Basics.

Sarah is currently on month-3 with Clearly Basics. Sarah’s personal Instagram is @sarah.c.papp.


Emma, a student from Manchester, had struggled with severe acne for over 6 years.

She tried an endless list of skincare products and diets to no avail. After three years of breakouts, Emma managed to get off the wait list for a dermatologist. Antibiotics only made things worse but six hard months of Accutane helped to calm down her cysts.

However, she was left with stubborn red acne scars and could not find a product to fade away the red scars. She used a number of acids, peels and cleaners which only irritated her skin, leaving her cheeks flushed and sensitive.

Then she stumbled upon Clearly Basics, and she was pleasantly surprised to find a formulation specifically designed for post-acne red marks. Within a month, the Lighten Up had significantly faded the appearance of her red scars.

“I started using Clearly Basics and now a lot of those spots have gone… no joke!! ❤️” – Emma.

Emma is currently on month-5 with Clearly Basics. She logs her acne journey on Instagram @myacnepage. Read more about her story here.


Rhiannon, an actress from Hampshire, had recurrent breakouts on highly sensitive skin. She had visited her dermatologist numerous times but could not find a product that did not irritate her skin and cause further breakouts.

She stumbled across Clearly Basics and after chatting with Clearly via Messenger, Rhiannon was advised to use Clearly Basics’ Protective Moisturizer for two weeks before starting the Clear Out. The The Moisturizer is loaded with peptides (the building blocks for your skin) that helped to strengthen her skin and reduce sensitivity.

After two weeks, Rhiannon was able to introduce the Clear Out and the results were tremendous. The texture of her skin improved dramatically and breakouts disappeared so quickly.

Rhiannon is currently on month-4 with Clearly Basics. She comments on her journey using the Clearly Basics Full Lineup on Instagram @rhicreations_.


Ellie, from Essex, has combination skin so it was hard to find products that could adapt to her skin. She also suffered from general redness and scarring that never seemed to go away.

She had heard about Clearly Basics through the #acnecommunity and was excited to use the Complete Trio. The Protective Moisturizer and Lighten Up helped to significantly reduce the redness on her face while the Clear Out helped to flush out her clogs.

By the end of her first set, Ellie was left with only post-acne red scars. She continues to use the Protective Moisturizer and Lighten Up to work these away.

Ellie is currently on month-3 with Clearly Basics. Ellie’s personal Instagram is @ellshortx


Alisha, from Berkshire, developed severe acne when she was 15-years-old.

In her desperation to stop the pimples, she has tried every imaginable wash, soap, scrub, peel, mask, and lotion. Her bathroom cabinets were a graveyard of high end and on-trend products claiming to give her ‘perfect skin’. Unfortunately, most of them only made her breakouts worsen.

Alisha then went through 3 rounds of Accutane but her acne would always come back. She talks about the negative side effects from it and it should not be taken lightly.

“A lot of people always asking me what I do to maintain my skin after Accutane.. All I can say is ‘Clear Out’ by @clearlybasics is a Godsend ❤️ I started using Clear out after finishing my Accutane course and it has helped keep acne at bay. It doesn’t leave me overly dry or flakey which most retinol creams did. I wish I had used the Clear Out before going on Accutane.” – Alisha.

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I have a lot of people always sending me DM’s about after care post accutane. Since being off accutane I use @clearlybasics clear out to keep acne at bay and honestly it’s been a game changer for me! I have used many topical retinol creams which have either overly dried my skin out or just made me break out but ever since I started using clear out it hasn’t caused no issues, it’s gentle and works so well. A lot of people as me also do I worry about acne coming back and yes I use to all the time but now I know I can rely on @clearlybasics to help with my skin. I also use the cleansing wash which has lasted me a while, you do not need a lot – a little goes a long way! Have a look at their page, website and if you are interested in purchasing you can use my name ‘ALISHA’ to get 💰 off, every little helps 💖 #acne #accutane #roaccutane #acnecommunity #scars #results #postaccutane #happy #vitaminc @clearlybasics #accutanejourney #acnefamily #acnecommunity #roaccutane #drylips #acne #accutane #accutanejourney #beginning #isotretinoin #courageforskin #slowandsteadyresults #skincare #adultacne #isotretinoinjourney #skinpositivity #happy

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Alisha is currently on month-5 using the Clear Out. This formulation has been very effective at keeping her clog free so that she can work on scar repair. Alisha logs her acne journey on Instagram @skinwithalisha. Read more about her story here.


Deanna, from Essex, had enjoyed clear skin throughout her teenage years but started to get adult-onset acne through her 20’s. She tried every cosmetic, diet, and lifestyle change imaginable but could NEVER find anything that kept the spots away.

Over the summer, she was introduced the Power Duo into her routine and she noticed results within weeks:

“The texture of my skin is smoother, the redness is non-existent and scars are fading faster than ever (even quicker than using aloe vera). I rarely get new spots in my problematic areas and find my skin improving the more I use Clearly Basics” – Deanna

Regardless if she gets the occasional pimple, Deanna is now happy to leave the house with no makeup and her confidence has skyrocketed.

Deanna is currently on month-4 with Clearly Basics. She logs her acne journey on Instagram @deannaskin.


Bea, a student from California, suffered from cystic acne on oily skin. She had used prescription medication, chemical peels and a long list of cosmetic brands in an effort to stop her breakouts but most of these products irritated her skin, resulting in even more breakouts.

Without insurance to cover visits to a dermatologist, Bea spent a lot of time following dermatologists on social media and found that gentler ingredients were more effective for her skin.

When the #acnecommunity started talking about Clearly Basics, Bea was intrigued that there was a product specifically targeted at red acne scars. Within the first Power Duo set, Bea had significantly reduced her new breakouts and any breakout that surfaced went away in days rather than weeks. Furthermore, the red scars on her face had virtually disappeared over the course of a month.

Bea is currently on month-4 with Clearly Basics. She logs her acne journey on Instagram @beas.bareskin.


See what others have to say about Clearly Basics.

@a_triple_shot_of_e Opening up about my acne struggle! Most of my acne comes from wearing makeup all day & then going right into sports. Even though I would use facial wipes before I started sports, I still broke out! The more I would try to hide it, the worst I made it. I have tried everything… when @clearlybasics reached out I thought, why not try it && surprisingly IT WORKED!!! After a few weeks my skin was clear. Now unfortunately since I have been out of it, my acne is coming back. I will always be honest with y’all & if something doesn’t work, I will let you know!!! #clearlybasics WORKS!

@theclearskinroad My @clearlybasics update!! The photos on the left were October 2nd and the photos on the right were today (October 11th).

I’ve been using the Power Duo for Clearly Basics for about 2 months now, and now starting to see quick results! My favourite is the “Clear Out” 🤗 Loving the results and exciting to keep using Clearly products!

@aishx I have been using this product for the last 3 months and I swear by it!

My nasty pimps went away within days, my blemish marks were lightened and the size of my pores decreased drastically! In fact I feel that my skin brightened up a lot and my makeup looked smoother too!

@myacnepage So there’s been some progress with my scarring🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼.

These are Clearly Basics results for 1 month of using the lighten up, you can use CODE EMMA for 10% off at the checkout (only if u want)

@beas.bareskin Clearly Basics have been with me for about a week and I’m so happy I’ve been using their product!!!!!

My fave between these 3 is the “Lighten up” one because it has definitely helped with the redness! The redness on my cheeks are slowly dimming down and the texture of my skin is so soft and smooth.

You may not be able to tell cuz pictures don’t do it justice but if you were to have felt my skin before I used their products compared to now you can definitely feel the difference !!!

@clearupchels Guys after using clear out from @clearlybasics for over a month everyday I do truly believe it’s made a MASSIVE difference. My face is smoother, tone is more even and I do think the stubborn spots are going quicker.

I payed for this myself and have not been asked to do this post, I just think If it’ll help someone else why would I not shout about it!