Matte Hydrator

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Single (save 40%) $33.00 $20.00 Twin Pack (save 50%) $66.00 $33.00

Matte Hydrator

$33.00 USD $20.00 USD
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Limited offer:

Single (save 40%) $33.00 $20.00 Twin Pack (save 50%) $66.00 $33.00

지나친 지성 피부의 해법은 촉촉한 피부를 유지하는 것이라는 사실, 알고 계셨나요? 100% 의료용 초저분자량 히알루론산을 함유한 Matte Hydrator는 피부에 완전히 흡수되어 가장 중요한 곳 깊숙이 수분을 끌어들입니다.

Matte Hydrator는 다음과 같은 경우에 적합합니다.

  • 지성 또는 탈수성 피부(때로는 피부가 둘 다일 수 있습니다!)
  • 기름진 광택 없이 더 오래 가고 싶으시다면 피부톤과 결을 개선해주는 오일프리 세럼
  • 표면을 넘어 피부 속 깊숙이 수분을 공급하고 싶으신 분
    • 각 병은 매일 사용하면 3개월 동안 사용할 수 있도록 설계되었습니다.

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      Plump Your Skin & Reduce Unwanted Shine

      This advanced formula hydrates from all levels to give pillowy soft, plump skin. As it floods your skin with moisture and locks it all in, it leaves you with fortified, firm, and nourished skin for a youthful, radiant complexion. The serum is also suitable for those with oily skin as it keeps skin happily hydrated, helping reduce oil levels. 

      99% noticed more firm and hydrated skin after use
      95% experienced less daily oil sheen

      Proven Ingredients Make the Difference


      Ingredient Highlights: SH+ Hyaluronate

      Key Actives : 1% Ultra-Low-Molecular-Weight Hyaluronic Acid

      Ingredient List: water, sodium hyaluronate, carbomer, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin

      Lightweight Formula, Instant Absorption

      With 100% clinical-grade, micronized hyaluronic acid, this oil-free serum penetrates quickly and deeply into skin without leaving any sticky, greasy residue. 

      Suggested Routine

      AM: Morning Routine

      • Step 1: Cleanse away dirt and oil with So Fresh Cleanser. 
      • Step 2: Apply routine boosters like Stop Spot or Lighten Up liberally. 
      • Step 3: Deeply hydrate skin and control oil levels with Matte Hydrator. Apply onto damp skin. 

      PM: NIGHT Routine

      • Step 1: Cleanse away dirt and oil with So Fresh Cleanser. 
      • Step 2: Refine, resurface, and brighten skin with Clear Out. 
      • Step 3: Deeply hydrate skin and control oil levels with Matte Hydrator. Apply onto damp skin.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      It Actually Works. Just Ask the Internet.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 238 reviews
      Kim R.

      Clearly Basics has been an absolute life saver! Not an over night miracle, be patient and stick with it, amazing products

      Leonor Zubillaga

      I started getting regular breakouts in my early 20’s and tried MANY different products (from harsh scrubs to all-natural serums) for 3 years without seeing any real improvement in my acne. I was convinced by seeing a ton of Clearly testimonies that it would be worth trying out, and I have not bought any skincare products from another company since! My skin reacted to Clear Out immediately and after a few weeks of “purging”, I completely stopped having breakouts on my cheeks for the first time in years. The Lighten Up also got rid of the scarring I had, and the Matte Hydrator keeps my skin fully moisturized and glowy, but not oily. I LOVE being able to skip makeup now because I feel that my skin looks great without it. That’s a direct result of using Clearly Basics products.

      Carolyn Budreski

      So grateful I found Clearly Basics. Their products have been a game changer for me. I use almost everything in their line, but I especially love the Clear Out Extra Strength to manage my acne and Protective Moisturizer which helps with my acne healing

      Crystal Senander

      I’ve had really great success with Clear Out, and actually have tracked my progress from a year ago to now! The difference in pictures is pretty darn amazing. Nothing else worked for my cystic acne, and I’ve been on accutane 3 times! This product has been so amazing for me after suffering with cystic acne for 20 years. It's been a godsend and I hope anyone who feels hopelessly about their acne will give it a try! Thank you CB!


      This skin care routine is the o lay one that has helped clear up my daughters skin.

      Skin Type: Normal
      excellent item!

      have been using this for years! so good for my skin :)

      Kimberly C.

      This is the only hydration serum that has relieved dry patches without making other areas of my face oily and breakout. It’s the number one product and only product I use to hydrate my skin.

      Charlotte H.

      Really nice serum, goes well under make-up. However, Id using spf this serum is not quite strong enough to combat my hormonal oily skin, and still need to blot at around lunchtime.


      Great product!


      Ive always wanted to try hyaluronic acid, but most formulas form a thick and sticky layer. This product, however, is fantastic. It melts into my skin and isnt noticeable throughout the day.

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