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5 Reasons Why This Coffee Is On
Everyones 2023 Wishlist 🎉

Here are the big five reasons why everyone is finally tossing the coffee grounds, ditching big chain coffee shops, and saving tons of money by switching to the worlds most convenient (and delicious) Coffee ever by Javy.

1. Fastest, Easiest, & Most Convenient Cold Brew Ever

Say goodbye to long brew times, expensive coffee chains, and nasty bottles of cold brew from the grocery store. Javy just takes 1-2 tsp’s mixed with some water or milk for a perfect 3 second Cold Brew.Text

2. Make It Anyway You Like It

Javy is created so that you can personalize your Cold Brew Coffee just the way you like it. Make any style coffee that you want with each and every pour.


3. The Ultimate Money Saver

Big chain coffee shops are costing you a fortune, especially driving to them with gas prices at an all time high. Javy comes in at around $0.66c per cup and delivered right to your door for FREE.

4. We Are Truly Changing The World

Javy is leading the way for coffee sustainability. We pay a premium for our coffee and work directly with farmers to build a regenerative agriculture based coffee source.
(Not to mention we are also plastic free).

5. The Fastest Growing Coffee Community

We have over 150,000,000 organic views for our #drinkjavy hashtag across social media! Javy has also been featured in some of the largest publications.

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