Lighten Up + Protective Moisturizer

$72.8 $66.9


Lighten Up + Protective Moisturizer

$72.8 $66.9


Perfect combination for those going through Accutane or isotretinoin. Save 8% when ordering the Lighten Up and Moisturizer as a set. This duo will work together to calm redness, improve texture and foster healing while your are going through your course of medication.

✅ Fades the appearance of post-acne red scars
✅ Reduces general redness or flushing
✅ Improves skin tone and texture
✅ Reduces the chance of collecting stubborn brown pigmentation
✅ Reduces sensitivity & fosters healing

Suitable for: Dry, sensitive or combination skin.

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What to Expect With the Lighten Up

Influencer Emma @myacnepage discusses how the Lighten Up faded her deep red scarring. She also discusses what to expect and how long it takes to see results. Read more about her story here.


What to Expect With Clearly Basics

Teacher Mim @acneisntugly discusses her experience with the Power Duo, how it cleared her breakouts and got rid of her post-acne scars. She had used prescription medications but they burned her skin and made her breakouts worse. Read more about her story here.


Improving Texture

Stylist Toni @xx.tonilumsden explains how the Power Duo cleared her acne and improved the texture of her skin. She had spent more than £5,000 in high end products and visits to the dermatologist but Clearly Basics was the only thing that worked and she has not gotten a new breakout since. Read more about her story here.


Fading the Appearance of Post-Acne Scars

Data Specialist Kiana @mysevereacneblog explains how the Clear Out stopped the pimples and faded the appearance of her scars and hyperpigmentation. Read more about her story here.


If you want confirmation whether the Lighten Up + Moisturizer will be effective for your skin, please send us three selfies by clicking on “Send Message” 💬 from our Facebook page.


See what others have to say about Clearly Basics.

@aishx I have been using this product for the last 3 months and I swear by it!

My nasty pimps went away within days, my blemish marks were lightened and the size of my pores decreased drastically! In fact I feel that my skin brightened up a lot and my makeup looked smoother too!

@pimpledgirl The 1st week was amazed! Fascinating skin texture, there were no stinging. The 2nd week were pretty same. The 3rd week – purging starred – bumpy skin, redness. The 4th week – same but I added #ProtectiveMoisturiser either from @clearlybasics and in three days redness was reduced. The 5-6th weeks – skin smoother, less red, breaking out badly. The 7-8th week – is it my skin? not red (even after washing as it used to be).

I’d say the amount of pustules has been reduced in 85%. I still have some tiny-tiny pimples and will keep going with mu treatment. • Honestly I’m very grateful to Clearly Basics • I’ll keep you updated.

@startingtolovemyself ✨Not a pimple in sight!!!✨

It’s been about 3 weeks since I started using @clearlybasics clear out, lighten up and the protective moisturizer (the complete trio) and my skin has improved so much and I definitely think it’s from the Clear Out formula most of all!

It really is a miracle in a bottle! I’m excited to see how my skin changes even more in the next few weeks and months using them!

@gemskin__ A little progress goes a long way! 🙌🏻 In the first picture I think my skin was purging from the first week of using @clearlybasics ‘Clear Out’. I believe I actually cried either before or after I took this photo, my skin was super painful and I felt so ugly and self conscious!

The second picture is 5 weeks after using Clear Out, just scarring (being helped by using Lighten Up) and no actives!
I’m so happy with the results so far using these products and they have been the only thing that has helped my skin!

@xx.tonilumsden This is me 5 weeks into my skincare journey with @clearlybasics.

5 weeks ago, 5 months ago, and even 5 years ago, I had lost all hope for my skin and appearance. Now I have regained that hope and positivity because I know that I am using amazing skincare products by @clearlybasics that actually do work without being harsh on my skin.

Just because you feel like nothing is working doesn’t mean you should give up on hope.

@acneisntugly Thank you @clearlybasics for being on this journey with me for the past 5 months.

No more green concealer or green primer! My skin tone is so much better, I don’t use as much foundation as I once did, I don’t constantly worry I look like I have chicken pox and I feel much more confident within my skin!

The power duo really has been an absolute game changer for my skin and I’m so glad I’ve shared my results day in and day out so we could all see this progression.

Key Facts

Originally designed for our users who were going through a course of accutane/isotretinoin, these two formulations will help to reduces the redness, improve texture and repair compromised skin.

What it does:

The Lighten Up will fade the appearance of red acne scars and the Moisturizer will calm sensitivity, general redness/blushing and improve texture. These two formulations were originally formulated to help users going through accutane.

What it is formulated without:

Fragrance-, colorant-, lanolin-free. PETA certified vegan and cruelty-free. This non-comedogenic formulation is freshly made in Singapore and packed in airless bottles so there are minimal preservatives.

Application Instructions:


Active Ingredients – Lighten Up:

  • Bisabolol – Chamomile’s essential oil, bisabolol is an excellent anti-irritant that is often used as a vehicle to deepen the penetration power of the products it is used in. It is a soothing agent that acts as a humectant to help lock in a skin’s natural moisture.
  • Calendula – A natural oil extracted from marigold flowers, calendula is an anti-oxidant that protects the skin against environmental damage. It increases hydration within the skin.
  • Pracaxi Oil – This Amazonian tea tree oil is lauded for its healing properties. Rich in antioxidants and fatty acids (the trio of oleic, linoleic, and behenic), Pracaxi Oil creates a protective barrier and nourishes skin to foster healing.

Full Ingredient List: Cyclomethicone, Alpha-Bisabolol Natural, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil, Glycerin, Chamomille Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Aqua, Tocopherol, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Acrylamide, Isohexadecane, Polysorbate 80, Hydro Swelling Droplet Polymer Complex, Sodium Acryloydimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Isopropyl Alcohol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Carbomer, Pentaclethra Macroloba Seed Oil

Volume: 15ml, 0.5 fluid ounces

Active Ingredients: Protective Moisturizer

  • Resveratrol – A naturally-occurring plant compound found in red wine, cocoa, and ripe berries, this anti-oxidant protects and fortifies your skin from daily environmental stresses (like pollution, dirt, and oil), calms redness, and boosts firmness
  • Tripeptides – Chains of amino acids that stimulates healthy skin growth and repair
  • Tetrapeptides – Chains of amino acids that firms up skin, calms redness and improves skin tone

Full Ingredient List: Resveratrol, Glycerin, Palmitoyl Dipeptide-5 Diaminobutyloyl Hydroxythreonine (Tetrapeptide), Palmitoyl Dipeptide-5 Diaminohydroxybutyrate (Tripeptide), Aloe Barbadensis, Tocopheryl Acetate, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Allantoin, Grapefruit Seed Extract.

Volume: 30ml, 1.01 fluid ounces

Customer Reviews

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  1. S

    Simpson (verified owner)

    It’s works well, but doesn’t prevent breakouts in the t zone

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  2. C

    Carina (verified owner)

    Loving how this feels on my skin and that it is working well to clear my breakouts. Would recommend.

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  3. A

    Amber (verified owner)

    This product worked great! I have significantly less breakouts and better looking skin!

    Was this review helpful to you?
  4. M

    Michelle Guyton (verified owner)


    Was this review helpful to you?
  5. K

    Kelly (verified owner)

    This product has made such a difference to my skin. Yesss finally something that works

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  6. R

    Rhiannon (verified owner)

    Took awhile to work but once it did my skin is so much clearer wow!

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  7. G

    Gemma (verified owner)

    Clear Out has changed my skin for the better! I had an initial break out in the first week but very soon after that my skin changed. I don’t get many break outs anymore and when I do, I apply clear out at night and by the morning they have significantly reduced in size. The texture of my skin is completely different, so much smoother with no lumps and bumps. It’s an amazing product and the customer service is fabulous!

    Was this review helpful to you?
  8. H

    Hannah W. (verified owner)

    Amazing product!

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  9. N

    Nikki (verified owner)

    I have seen difference on my face now, lesser acne and pimple marks were lighten.

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  10. M

    Mackenzie (verified owner)

    Still waiting to see better results. Still it’s not too bad ! 🙂

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need two formulations?

We designed the Protective Moisturizer to help repair your skin and reduce general redness and sensitivity. The Lighten Up is part of this set as people with sensitive skin often have post-acne red marks that linger for a long time. The Lighten Up will help to quickly fade the appearance of these red marks so that there is less chance the marks would be exposed to UV and collect stubborn brown pigmentation.

In what order do I apply this Duo?

Here is the order of application:


  1. Wash your face / apply toner.
  2. Lighten Up
  3. Moisturizer, sunblock or other products you normally use


    1. Wash your face / apply toner
    2. Lighten Up
    3. Moisturizer or other products you normally use

If there are products on this list that you normally do not use, just skip that step.

Can I use these products alongside my other skincare products?

You are free to use any products that do not cause irritation or clogs.

What type of redness does each formulation address?

The Moisturizer is loaded with peptides that strengthen your skin and reduce the general redness that you normally get when you blush. The Lighten Up will help to knock down the redness associated with a post-acne scar.

Can I use this Duo on my back and body?

Both the Moisturizer and the Lighten Up can be used for the face or body.

What types of acne scars does the Lighten Up help?

The Lighten Up will reduce the appearance of red post-acne marks. It is important to reduce these away as it lowers the chance that red marks will be exposed to UV and collect stubborn brown pigmentation.

If your post-acne scar has collected brown pigmentation due to UV exposure, we are currently working on a anti-brown scar formulation. This is anticipated to release by the end of 2019.

Please speak to your dermatologist concerning the correction of pitted or raised scars.

Can I use this product if I am trying to conceive, breastfeeding or pregnant?

These two formulations are safe to use for men and women in all stages of life.

Duo is not making any difference in my skin. Should I stop using it?

The Lighten Up should start to show noticeable results after six weeks of use. Make sure to take “before” photos to track your progress! The Moisturizer should start to show noticeable results after a month of consistent use.

I have more questions!

DM us via Messenger or by clicking “Send Message” from our Facebook page. There is a good chance you will catch one of our dermatologists online as they frequently check chats in between consultations. Do note that we give first priortiy to subscribers of ClearlyRx but will do our best to answer any skincare questions you may have.